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  dino head  Welcome!

8/9/05: Welcome to DinoFilias.com! That's me, Dino Filias, in the upper left, and my wife, Danielle Filias, in the upper right.

This site started out in my basement as a bulletin board. I had a computer set up as a server, ran Microsoft IIS, and pointed the domain name to my broadband's somewhat-static IP address (it has only changed once in six years).
The bulletin board was a structured solution to email debates Dan G. and I were having about spirituality, divinity, philosophy, and everything else in between. It's what started it all. The bulletin board spawned into a much larger entity, covering topics from anthropology to zoology, and the site now resides on an off-site remote server. The bulletin board now feeds the index page with news feeds, which was my early, pioneering attempt at creating a makeshift portal.

Next obsession was setting up live webcams throughout my house. I configured my router to allow incoming http requests and port-forwarded those requests to specific computers that acted as webcam servers. Now that I'm married, those webcams have been decomissioned, but I promise I'll find a public place for them in the future (like the attic, garage, or inside my computer.

The next time-consuming obsession was compiling a photo album and video album. I discovered a really slick Perl application named simply, album.pl. Once configured, I simply FTP folders full of pictures to a photo album, and album.pl does the rest including generating thumbnails, creating navigation trees, and everything else in-between... all on-the-fly. A side bonus is that it's tied directly into the bulletin board member permissions, so members can upload their own pictures into their personal directories. Having an online photo album has been a daunting task, and I'm still scanning old family photo albums to this day.

I added a few other fun applications such as a link index that allows anybody (literally... not a great thing) to update the index with links to other sites. I just went through today and deleted twenty links to online poker. I added a few java games just to see if I could. And there's even a little application that encrypts text. It's very basic but a fun tool if you don't want your IT Manager to read your emails about corporate espionage.

Final addition to the site was my personal blog. The only difference than my rantings and ravings you read on the bulletin board is that my blog is one-way. It's usually just everyday life from the mind of Dino that isn't important enough to warrant discussion.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

  dino head  My Webcam Fetish
Pan, tilt and zoom! Look out the front window of the spare bedroom!
Spare Bedroom
Pan, tilt and zoom! Pointing out my spare bedroom!
(buy one)
Oh my goodness! There's now a camera in the family room!
Wow! See us watching tv, eating dinner, or sleeping on the couch!
Family Room

Logitech Quickcam Web in the family room!
Now a Logitech Pro 3000 camera in the computer room! See us in our glory!
Why is it new? There's now a Logitech Pro 3000 Camera vs. a QuickCam Web. Better picture.
Computer Room

Logitech Pro 3000 in the computer room!
See me live at work! This is running off of a Sony TRV-310 Camcorder!
Decoma Cam
Sony Camcorder sitting on my desk at DDC!
Download this software NOW, while it's free!
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